Petals of Appreciation

How often do we take the time to say “Thank you”, and “Your work is appreciated”?  Who made a positive impact on your life? Did you ever tell that person? Why wait or assume they already know?

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What is the Petals of Appreciation Campaign?

Say “Thank You” to someone who made a positive impact on your life: family member, friend, mentor, teacher, police officer, social justice champion, musician, actor/actress, playwright, author, hair stylist…the list goes on.

What is the goal?

My intention is to help spread joy to friends and strangers alike. By celebrating what unites us, we just may be able to counter some of the negativity which surrounds. I strongly believe that a smile or a “Thank You” on a miserable day can make even the smallest of differences.

How can I take part?

Join the Petals of Appreciation Campaign by printing out any/all of the PDF files below. Choose from among a variety of styles (cards or tickets, floral or basic) and help spread some joy to friends and strangers alike. Here are some suggestions…

  • Hand the PoA cards/tickets out to someone you pass on the street who could use a smile. 
  • Send a Thank You card or hand-written letter via mail (yes, the postal service still exists) and include one of the cut-outs
  • Visit a loved one’s gravesite, say what you always wanted them to know but rarely verbalized, and place a PoA card/ticket with the floral arrangement
  • Tweet, comment on posts, or endorse a prior colleague for their exceptional skills via social media platforms using the #PetalsOfAppreciation hashtag
BUSINESS CARDS (click to open the pdf document)

PoA cards_You Are TalentedCBND6708

PoA_You Are Important

PoA cards_Thank You

PoA cards_You Are Loved


TICKETS (click to open the pdf document)



Petals Of Appreciation_you are loved

*Share your reactions (giver or receiver) in the Comments section!

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